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Community Outreach

Bikur Cholim - Lending a Helping Hand

 Lending a Helping Hand   
Temple Sholom Congregants.....Please take note that our "Bikur Cholim" visits to those who are sick continues with Sherry Field-Almaraz and Ilene Carrel, visiting anyone who is alone, recovering from a hospital stay or a rehab visit, requires assistance at home and perhaps doesn't have a full-time aide.   Anyone who is a shut-in, needs help with shopping, walking a dog, paying bills that have accumulated or just wants a sandwich and some company while they're eating it, should call our office and either Sherry or Ilene will be alerted to your request and coordinate a time to visit.  Avail yourself of our beautiful shul and the many wonderful services it offers. 

-- Together Against Antisemitism --

Shock; Sadness; Sympathy; Despair; Anger. What were your reactions when you heard about the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting?  The Pittsburgh massacre is a potent reminder of what is unfortunately an all too familiar instance of what Jews have been plagued with for millenia - a hatred so strong and deep-seated that such acts of atrocity are seen by their perpetrators as necessary and justified actions against a people they fervently consider to be insidiously evil. While antisemitism is perhaps as old as the Jews themselves, in recent years we have seen it spreading with a renewed and increased fervor, not just at home, but abroad. The present climate of political populism has also given the rhetoric of hate speech a newfound sense of acceptance and power. We can, and should, mourn, pour out our compassion and sympathy, or console each other -  but we can also try to commit ourselves to speaking out and standing up against antisemitism. Presenting a united front will not eradicate the problem, but if enough people band together they not only can send a message that such violence is unacceptable, but can do it in a voice that is boomingly resonant, resolute, and clear in its message, because huge numbers of committed people are loudly singing such a refrain in unison.  Social media has proven to be an effective vehicle for such mobilization, and Together Against Antisemitism is an example appropriate to this situation. Their goal is to increase solidarity with the Jewish people. Visit It's easy to get started to get involved. The site has a simple two-click way to add the cause's logo - a Star of David made up of interlocking multi-colored arms - to your own social media profile. We, of course, send our thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families, but we need to do more. We need to say, "Enough!" We need to show that Jews are not an isolated vulnerable minority, but a people who are supported by multitudes of Jews and non-Jews everywhere.

Tue, May 26 2020 3 Sivan 5780