Your connection to the Jewish faith
is a vital part of who you are, and your family.


At Temple Sholom, congregants join together to celebrate our faith in a warm, comfortable and supportive environment, where all are welcome.


We are a modern, egalitarian Conservative congregation, and encourage full participation by women in synagogue life, as well as offer full access to Jewish worship and religious experience for all of our members. At the same time, we cherish our Jewish traditions, and work to preserve them as a precious legacy for ourselves and our children.


Visit us and let us make you feel at home.


Friday Night Shabbat Lights Service
7:30 pm – Chapel


With Rabbi David Mark


  • Fresh Shabbat Prayer Tunes
  • Stories for Discussion and Enhancement
  • Guided Meditation for Spirituality
  • Special Oneg Following

Saturday Morning Service
9:30 am – Temple Sanctuary


With Rabbi David Mark and Cantor Javier Smolarz


Shabbat morning services are more traditional, with an abbreviated Torah reading, a congregant-led rendition of the Haftorah (prophetic portion), and either a sermonette or Rabbi’s discussion, walking amid the congregants, talk-show style, and soliciting comments.


Kiddush refreshments follow every services, with ample time to sit, schmooze, and make new friends.