Yesterday's Laws Affects Today's Society 

Join us weekly for a TALMUDIC APPROACH TO JEWISH LIVING.  An insightful examination of Jewish law, ethics, philosophy, and history.

Conducted by Cantor Hesh  ~ Wednesday mornings at 9:00AM

"Just as the Bible is the foundation of Judaism, the Talmud is the central pillar supporting the   entire spiritual and intellectual edifice of Jewish life."

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition


                                              Rabbi Mark’s Jewish Current Events Discussion Group
Every Wed. Night, 7-8 pm, join Rabbi David Mark’s group in the Small Chapel/Bais Midrash for a lively hour of Jewish and General Current Events! Bring your questions and opinions for a lighthearted discussion of the week’s national, international, and local news. The Rabbi scours the Web for news which will interest our congregants and friends. Free, but donations are always appreciated.
                                                                      Recent Topics have included:
Dr. Ruth’s latest book: “Friends with Benefits is not good—be in a committed relationship.” The Presidential Follies; Do we have any Foreign Policy at All? Can we support Israel, and yet criticize? Is there a Single Jewish Leader who speaks for All Jews? What is the Plight of the Agunah, the “Chained Wife” who cannot obtain a Get, a Jewish Divorce? Who is in charge of making sure NASA rockets do not bring Earth-Microbes to Mars and Other Planets? And More!
                                          Rabbi Mark’s Shabbat Discussion Group, 12:30-1:30 pm (Approx.)
On Shabbat, following Morning Services and Kiddush, join Rabbi David Mark in the Small Chapel/Bais Midrash and discuss various Jewish topics.
Every Shabbat promises another lively and engrossing subject of Jewish Learning.
We have covered Kabbalah, both theoretical, Lurianic, Practical, and Folkloristic; Superstitions; Lifecycles, from Birth to Earth; Mussar—Jewish Morality; Jewish Holidays—Little-Known Customs and Practices; Great Books of the Tanakh—Hebrew Bible, including Kohelet/Ecclesiastes, Job, Psalms, I & II Kings (the David Saga), Tales of Elijah & Elisha. Stories by Y.L. Peretz, I.B. Singer, Bernard Malamud. Books by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, and more!