The Jewish Center at Temple Sholom continues to offer its members social, educational and spiritual involvement. The Men's Club has historically played an important role in the life of the Temple. It offers its members friendships, as well as cultural and social activities, but most importantly it allows for the opportunity of giving back something to the synagogue.

Tallit Gadol

FOR THE THREADS OF OUR FUTURE, in honor or Temple Sholom's children.  Have your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren's name embroidered on our beautiful Tallit Gadol.  Cost - $36 per child.  Our Tallit Gadol is on display inside the Temple's rotunda.


JEWS BY CHOICE is a group that welcomes all who are in the process of conversion or have completed their conversion to Judaism. Discussions are warm and supportive, and include subjects of interest and concern suggested by group members.  Spouses/Significant others are always welcome at Temple Sholom.