Rabbi David Mark

Rabbi David Mark

There are many Jews in South Florida, and certainly no lack of temples. Why then, should you consider joining The Jewish Center at Temple Sholom of Pompano Beach? As the congregation's new rabbi, I am proud that our temple embodies the finest aspects of old tradition and new innovation. Our Friday Night services welcoming Shabbat feature a "God Schmooze" format, with my speaking about the events of the past week in a humorous fashion, while our gifted Cantor Hesh Mayersdorf leads us in prayer. Transliteration booklets are available for the "Herbraically Challenged".

Shabbat morning services are more traditional, with an abbreviated Torah reading, a congregant-led rendition of the Haftorah (prophetic portion), and either a sermonette or my leading a group discussion, walking amid the congregants, talk-show style, and soliciting their comments. Kiddush refreshments follow every services, with ample time to sit, schmooze, and make new friends with the most haimish (relaxed, homey) congregation in town.

Besides prayer services (we have a daily morning minyan, too), Temple Sholom offers an entire gamut of cultural events, from speakers to movies to fashion shows. Purim plays to dance classes to havdalah ceremonies on the beach are just more examples of what we have to offer. No two Jews enjoy doing exactly the same thing, and so we vary our cultural offerings. Currently, I am leading a discussion group on "God , the Universe, Judaism and Your Part In It", as well as teaching a "Writing Your Memoirs" class. Cantor Hesh has a Beginner's Hebrew class as well as a Yiddish Speaker's Circle.

And of course, we have our Hebrew School -- just one day a week, on Sundays from 9am to 12 noon. It incorporates Hebrew Language, culture, holidays, crafts and the fun of being with other Jewish kids.

That is just a small fraction of The Jewish Center at Temple Sholom. You can't begin to appreciate it until you visit us and let us make you feel welcome. Come soon and resolve to become a vital part of the friendliest congregation in South Florida. We are waiting to meet you!

For an appointment, you can reach Rabbi David Mark via Cell: 603-828-7655 or email him at diem1836@gmail.com